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RapiDA; graphical output of results

  • Unique software tracks improvement in real time
  • Gives alpha point (cone function)
  • Calculates S2 in real time (rod efficiency)
  • Test terminates as soon as green light appears, in this case after 5 minutes
Monitoring the test – graphical output of the results

RapiDA clinical trial

  • Observational study comparing 20 AMD patients and 20 age matched normals
  • RapiDA received MHRA approval as a medical device for research
  • Ethical approval by Manchester University
  • Aim: determine sensitivity and specificity of RapiDA
  • Retinal photographs and Optical Coherence Photography obtained
  • RapiDA results compared against Gold Standard ie AMD grade of fundus photograph
  • Outcome measure: slope of rod section of DA curve (see fig x)

RapiDA: what the patient sees

The slope of the DA curve was much more shallow for patients than for control

Of the 20 patients 19 were correctly identified by RapiDA

Of the 20 normals 18 were correctly identified as normal by RapiDA